Sunny Land

Whether you want to escape life’s chaos or plan a vacation with your family, individually or in groups, Sunny Land has you covered. We facilitate your choice for an exceptional vacation experience by offering the ideal place for relaxation. It is one of the leading resorts that provide high quality, full-service vacation destination at affordable prices. Let’s not forget to mention our professional staff that excels in understanding all our guests wants and needs, and strive to offer exceptional service and assistance. We believe passionately your vacation should be fun and full of various activities. This is why our mission is to offer the finest services based on our expertise, passion, efficiency, and knowledge. All our endeavors and initiatives revolve around our guests and each step we take is meant to exceed your expectations each and every time. With Sunny Land, you’ve a got the perfect destination to relax and unwind all year long!

Bekaa, Zahle
Ain El Daouk, Zahlé, Lebanon
+961 3 643 701