Beirut Stock Exchange

Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) is a public institution. It is ruled by the provisions of the BSE bylaw, stipulated in the legislative decree number 120, dated September 16, 1983 (amended by decree 4729, dated 30/3/1988, and by law 418, dated 15/5/1995) and decree 7667, dated 16/12/1995.

The Beirut Stock Exchange is run by a committee including a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and eight members appointed by virtue of a decree issued by the Council of Ministers, in accordance with a proposal by the Minister of Finance. The Committee�s mandate duration is set to four years.

Beirut, Bachoura
Azarieh street, Azarieh Bldg. Block 01 - 4th floor
+961 1 993555
+961 1 993444



Sleiman   -   2011-10-19
"Good in:

The listed companies are organized well on the website.
The financial reports of the companies are presented well on each company's web-link on the website.

Needs Improvement in:

The news of the companies need to be reflected on the homepage of the website, not just at each company's web-link inside,
Need more transparency in recording news as cash divided, rights issue and all their details as ex-div, etc...
Need to keep the website updated with the latest number of shares of companies.
The staff need to be more friendly/ helpful on the phone"