Mount Lebanon, Zouk Mikael
Zouk Mikayel

Beirut, Hamra



Robert   -   2013-05-14
"Kababji food quality has declined over the years, he has become like any other restaurant. The quality and the Freshness of their food is no longer there.

It is a pity they use to be the best, 5 years ago.


Fouad   -   2013-01-01
"Good food"

ralf Dagher   -   2012-11-26
"Typical traditional lebanese food. Good service and good prices to make your sunday outing amazing."

Khaled Sleiman   -   2012-10-09
"kababji is one of the best restaurants that u can dine in take lunch and enjoy every bite so don't be shy give it a try and you on't regret it cause if u're looking for freshness taste and quality that's the place you wanna be>>>>"

Mohamad Alaa Abbas   -   2012-03-01
"A bit pricey, but very tasty and fresh! You can tell from the first bite that Kababji uses high quality products... in my opinion, it's worth it !"

Sleiman Khaled Zrein   -   2011-10-19
"The food is great - clean cuisine.
But it is a bit overpriced for the quantities and need a younger staff of waiters."

youssef   -   2011-04-16
"great kabab"