Air France in Marfaa

Address Beirut, Marfaa
Zaghloul st , Down Town
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Telephone +961-1-977900
Fax +961-1-977970

Air France in Haret Hraik

Address Mount Lebanon, Haret Hraik
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Telephone +961-1-629502 (Reservation)
Fax +961-1-629502 (Reservation)

Reviews (2)

Kim   -   2015-11-25
"Excellent summary of all the entevs in Egypt during the past week! My Head is spinning but Ms. Nervana as always is very succint and precise in her reporting! Wonderful as always, recommending it as a top read to all my Family and Friends!"

Cassara   -   2012-01-06
"This is the perfect airline i ve ever used..."

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