Grand Hotel Kadri

Grand Hotel Kadri is a historic Landmark in Lebanon. Situated in the center of Zahle, 45 km from the capital Beirut, this hotel overlooks the main river and spring of the city ''Al Berdawni'' which has been sung by poets and writers from different countries. The historical importance of the hotel goes back to 1914 when Jamal Pacha the Turk entered Kadri Hotel and took it as his headquarter and turned it into a hospital for his army.
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Grand Hotel Kadri in Zahle

Address Bekaa, Zahle
Zahleh bvd
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Telephone +961-8-813920

Reviews (2)

Elias   -   2011-05-09
"Nice historic hotel hope opened soon agAin miss it"

joe   -   2011-04-04
"good hotel"