Lebanese Army

The LAF's national orientation is based on the following:
Facing the Israeli occupation and its perpetual aggression in South Lebanon and West Bekaa and supporting the steadfastness of Lebanese citizens to ensure the complete withdrawal of the Israeli forces to internationally recognized borders.

Defending the country and its citizens against all aggression.

Confronting all threats against the country�s vital interests.

Coordinating with Arab armies in accordance with ratified treaties and agreements.

Maintaining internal security and stability.

Engaging in social and development activities according to national interests.

Undertaking relief operations in coordination with other public and humanitarian institutions

Website www.lebarmy.gov.lb
E-mail cmdarm@lebarmy.gov.lb
Hours 24 HR
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Lebanese Army in Yarzeh

Address Mount Lebanon, Yarzeh
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Telephone +961 5 420000
Telephone +961 5 420950
Fax +961-5-951035

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