Established in 1959, is one of the oldest Lebanese travel agencies and among the most specialized ones in the tourism and travel industry. Its staff is composed of 85 experienced persons in tourism, ticketing, transport, assistance and all related travel and tourism services. Our continuous creativity coupled with our professionalism have put us in a leading position in Lebanon.
Hours 8.30 AM_ 5.30 PM
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Nakhal in Tayouneh

Address Beirut, Tayouneh
Sami El Solh Avenue Ghorayeb building
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Telephone If you are IN Lebanon call us On our abbreviated 4 digits number 1270

Reviews (2)

Rima   -   2019-09-10
"If I could give 0 stars I would. Worst travel agency I have ever seen. Don't ever think about buying concert or football or any event tickets from them, because they will SCREW YOU UP. I recently purchased 2 tickets from Nakhal. To begin with, I sought out nakhal rather than book online to ensure no counterfeit. I was charged 420$ for a ticket that costs 90€, and that was fine by me at first. I was told that I will recieve the tickets days before the event. No! On the day of the event, having called the agency many times to no avail, I was informed that I should go meet a guy in some hotel(black market) to give me the tickets(hotel was super far from where I was). I reached and found the person not in the hotel( Nakhal told us he was already there waiting). 2 hours later he shows up, insists he give us tickets other than those we ordered(the one we ordered were category 2 he wanted to give us category 3). He was british, didn't know nakhal when we mentioned them, told us we can either take the tickets as is or leave. After many calls to Nakhal they kept dodging our calls and not helping us, eventually we got the 2 requested tickets, in the wrong section(completely opposite side since it was a football game), and the two tickets were mot adjacent, they were separated. All these points were discussed before booking with nakhal, and they were confirmed. They gave us such a bad service and product. And when we complained they didn't communicate, tried to give us a 100$ discount on our next trip, as if we will ever book with them again. In conclusion, if you have read this far, don't book with Nakhal, they lack transparency, proper communication, or customare care and satisfaction, with slight soft skills from the team. For me to have payed 840$ for such a service, i feel very ripped off."

tony   -   2011-05-12
"do never try elsewhere.... "