General Directorate of State Security

First - Collecting information concerning internal state security by the means of special networks, covering Lebanese territories, attached to it, and investigating external information from acting agencies, in order to verify, analyze, classify, file or to remit them to the relevant authorities.

Second - Surveillance of foreigners by inquiring their actions that relate to state security, and surveillance of relations between lebanese citizens and foreign parties in what concerns state security.

Third - Counter-espionage and countering enemy activity in all its different aspects.

Fourth - Preliminary investigations of acts which jeopardize internal and external state security. These investigations are led by the General Director and the Deputy-General Director, as well as the Directorate's main officers , its delegated and non-commissioned-officers who are appointed by the Vice-President of the Supreme Council of Defense; they perform their missions as assistant judiciary officers to the Court of Appeal Prosecutor, as well as to the government's Delegate to Military Court, in accordance with laws in force.

Fifth - Coordinating with other security services, such as the General Directorate of General Security, Internal Security Forces and Army Intelligence Directorate, in matters concerning inquiries and information exchange.

Sixth - Setting regular reports in order to inform the Supreme Council of Defense, about general security and political situation, and to make appropriate suggestions in order to face internal and external dangers; to permanently inform the President of the Supreme Council of Defense and his Vice president about security and political situation (official authorities are bound to supply this Directorate with required information concerning everything related to internal and external state security).

Seventh - Providing security to some VIP and to competent authorities which are menaced by danger.
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General Directorate of State Security in Ramlet El Baida

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